#1 Tip For Avoiding the Stress of New Year Resolutions

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This is the time of year when magazines & blog posts often use the magical words, “New Year’s Resolutions.”  I think that with the advent of social media we sometimes get even more hung up comparing our lives to others and thinking we either HAVE to make grand resolutions (which we then get stressed about when we give up on them by March) OR we CAN’T make resolutions because we are afraid of failing or don’t want to make the commitments and feel badly if we don’t achieve what we hoped.

So here’s my #1 tip for avoiding the stress of New Year Resolutions: Be like me and toss out the word “resolutions.”  You don’t need to worry about them because that word has started to have negative connotations.  Instead, let’s focus on spending some time this month thinking about what you are welcoming into you life.  What are you saying “Yes!” to as you start this new year full of possibilities?  Are you visual?  Make photos or draw pictures to help you keep track of some positive things (or people or ideas or events–grand or simple.  It doesn’t matter which because both have value.) you welcome or say “yes” to.


I have goals for my business and my family in this new year, yes.  However, I’m incredibly FREED when I do NOT compare myself to others and spend less time thinking about what I DON’T want this year (Officially, last year was one of the hardest if not the hardest of my adult life so I have to be intentional about dwelling in the possibilities and working towards welcoming the truth and beauty and peace in this new year.

Yes, I’m choosing a “resolution-free” diet for my mind. Instead of being fearful of the word “resolution,” I’m FEASTING on positive intentions this year…Goals with practical, baby steps to help so I’m not overwhelmed….breaking my vision into bites.  Intentions….Well, that word has less of a negative connotation for me right now.  Merriam Webster has one of its definitions as ” the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose.” When I’m “intent” on doing something, it suggests I’m super focused on achieving something.  “Intentions” is also more powerful for me than “resolutions” because it makes me think about “intensity.”   Again, my handy dandy Merriam Webster gives one definition of “intensity” as “extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling.”  I love the idea of energetically welcoming new beginnings and goals for this year, don’t you?

While I’m  busy not comparing myself to others, I’m doing simple things to help me so that I’m better equipped to welcome a wonderful year!  (1)  Taking care of my body (when I’m eating well & getting rest, it’s easier to be intentional about welcoming good things into my life).  Reading before bed instead of screen time and a calming cup of tea are part of my bed time routine.  I also love to diffuse my Young Living essential oils or use them topically to help support a good night’s sleep.


(2) My faith is an integral part of my life so spending time in prayer and Bible study helps to me to stay focused and purposeful and peaceful.  My word for this year is “Believe” which applies to both my personal faith as well as my confidence in my business goals I’ve made for this year.



(3)  Supplements & oils to help with supporting my emotional & physical health.  Two that I like right now for supporting my focus and helping me to stay positive are Magnify Your Purpose and Ignite the Fire. This dynamic duo helps me to feel more energetic when I’m going about my day or if I’m about to head out for a meeting.


magnifylight the fire


What are you welcoming in this new year?  May you have a wonderful year of hope and new beginning!  Join me in throwing out your preconceptions of “resolutions” and stop comparing yourself to others.  Let’s rock this new year by reducing our stress and working on some baby steps to make this a great year!

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