Time’s Ticking Away!

Wasted time is worse than wasted money. (1)Back when I was in high school, I loved having a planner to keep track of my homework assignments & extracurricular activities.  By the time I was in my first full-time job as an executive director I had a planner to help keep track of my commitments but honestly did not schedule out each portion of my work-day.  In the past year, I’ve been working to find a planner that I really like for purposes of scheduling my days as an entrepreneur and mother to 4.  What I’ve learned is there is probably no perfect planner for me.  No matter how pricey or inexpensive the planner is it still requires ME to sit down and actually plan my time, which involves honest reflection and commitment.

Are you committed to making time to manage your time instead of letting life manage you?  I really feel that the exercise of scheduling your day is a discipline which will open your eyes to how you are investing your time…are you investing it in reading an excess number of blog articles or facebook posts or tweets that make you feel more anxious or stressed or just help you pass the time?  Are you spending time investing in your family and friends?  Relationships take work and that work must be done outside of social media if it is to make a lasting difference in the lives of those you love.  Are you Netflix bingeing more than you are reading and growing your mind?  Are you taking time to plan what you are eating so you are less tempted to order take-out which can end up hurting your health?  Ouch!  Reflection on how you spend your time can be a painful process.

Here are a couple of my favorite planners for you to consider trying as you get more intentional about planning your days (and no, you don’t have to wait until the first of the year to make this a new habit.  Start NOW and begin to reap the benefits of using your time wisely.)

  1.  The Passion Planner:  Pluses I’ve found to this planner is the price & the ease of use.  It comes in a compact size and a classic size.  I love that it has spaces to plan, doodle & dream incorporated in the typical planner design. Check Out the Passion Planner By Clicking Here!

passion planner

2.  Erin Condren Planners:  I love that these come in a variety of fun designs!   I appreciate that the spaces provided for day to day planning are bigger than those provided in the compact planner from Passion Planner.    You can choose horizontal, vertical or hourly layout design.  Check Erin Condren Life Planners Out By Clicking Here!


hourly erin condren

Ready to get intentional about your days?  Your business, relationships & health will grow from this experience!

Happy planning!

heather cropped